Author: Jacques Delecluse

Title: Douze Etudes pour Caisse Claire (12 Etudes for Snare Drum)

Description: “Douze Etudes” has become the go to book for concert snare drum audition pieces. Though the pieces are called etudes, they have come to serve as solos. Considered to be extremely hard, the etudes are characterized by sudden and extreme dynamic changes, constant and merciless placement of ornaments, plentiful mixed meter, and frequent time changes. Each etude has a main theme which often recurs close to the end of the etude, giving it a musical form. This structure provides another challenge for the performer. In general, the pieces get more difficult as the book goes on, but this is not universally true. “Douze Etudes” is a must have for the serious percussionist.

Annotated by Ethan Pani