Halcyon Days — Nathan Daughtrey

Instrumentation: Solo Marimba (5-octave)

Percussion 1: Bells, Crotales, 2 Woodblocks

(hard bell mallets, hard rubber mallets)

Percussion 2: Vibraphone (3-octave), China Cymbal, Bongos

(4 medium cord vibe mallets, 2 bows, 1 pair snare drum sticks)

Percussion 3: Bell Tree, Chimes, Suspended Cymbal, 2 Brake Drums

(1 pair light triangle beaters, 1 pair yarn mallets, 1 pair snare drum sticks, 2 chime hammers)

Percussion 4: Ocean Drum, Concert Bass Drum, Kick Bass Drum (laid flat on a stand), Tam-Tam

(hard felt swizzle sticks, 2 bass drum beaters)

*Also available for solo marimba & electronic accompaniment (Halcyon Deconstruction)

Duration: ca. 10:30

Program Note: “The phrase “Halcyon Days” refers to a period of peace and tranquility. It can also harken back to an earlier time that is remembered as idyllic, whether accurately or not. I researched the mythological origins of this phrase to gather more inspiration for the piece. According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Alcyone was the daughter of Aelous, King of the Winds, and the wife of Ceyx. Alcyone and Ceyx were very much in love and were never willingly apart. Ceyx decided he must make a long journey across the sea to consult the oracle of Apollo at Delphi. Knowing the danger of such a journey, Alcyone was overwhelmed with grief and terror and begged him not to go. Ceyx left anyway and died tragically in a shipwreck. The gods came to Alcyone in a dream and told her of her husband’s death. Stricken with grief, she jumped into the sea, but the Gods took pity on her and before she could be overcome by the waves, she was transformed into a kingfisher (also called a halcyon). Ceyx was changed into a bird as well and their love was blessed for all time. In their honor, Zeus forbade the winds to blow for seven days prior to and seven days following the Winter Solstice so Alcyone & Ceyx could safely brood over their nests near the waters. Their tragic love story has given us the very word that means calm, contentment and happiness.

The music follows the arc of the story fairly closely and divides into six major sections. The melodic/harmonic material is derived from 4 chords/pitch sets that have only 4 pitches in common.

Alcyone & Ceyx

Ceyx at Sea

Turbulent Waters

The Fall of Ceyx


Halcyon Days”

-Nathan Daughtrey

Annotated by Travis Newman