Title: Technique for the Virtuoso Timpanist

Author: Fred D. Hinger

One of the most comprehensive method ever written for the timpani, Technique for the Virtuoso Timpanist contains a wealth of information, exercises and etudes covering every aspect of timpani performance. The first section of the book is a thorough explanation of Hinger’s technique, including topics such as stroke, playing area, dynamics, phrasing, and tuning. The remainder of the book consists of numerous exercises aimed at the development of stroke, cross-sticking, rolls, and pedaling as well as two, three, and four drum etudes. The etudes cover a wide range of difficulties and contain a variety of meters, rhythms, and tuning changes. Useful beginning, intermediate and advanced timpani students, this book invaluable insight into the technique and philosophy of one of the most influential timpanists of the 20th century.

For more information on Fred Hinger: http://pas.org/About/HofDetails.cfm?IFile=Hinger

Annotated by Chase Bronstein