André Jolivet

Heptade (1970) Duration : 16’ 05’’

Trumpet and large percussion set-up (1 player) (BD., SD., Tamb. Militaire, 2 Bongos, 2 Tumbas, Tam-tam, Tambourine, 2 Cym., Hi-Hat, 2 WBl., 3 TBl., Woodchimes, 3 Cowb., Jingles, Glaschimes, Whistle)






Sempre stringendo

Vivo e ritmico


Premiere : 25th may 1972 at the Théâtre de la Ville à Paris  by Francois Hardy and Francois Dupin


This highly demanding virtuoso piece in seven contrasted movements (hence its title), was written for the trumpet player Maurice André and uses the whole gamut of modern trumpet playing calling for a remarkable agility – and musicality – on the player’s part to bring it off successfully.


Annotated by Laurent Warnier