Daiki Kato – The Last Dance (2015)

● 5-octave marimba
● 3 resonant metals
● 3 non-resonant metals
● 4 drums (bongo, conga, tom)
● Hand percussion (djembe, cajon, conga) ● Kickdrum
● Wind chimes or rain stick

Duration: 7 minutes Composer’s Note:

I wonder if she (he) is when the last Dance and decided. I wonder if she (he) began to think that the last Dance from any. I wonder if she (he) is at any time between the feeling that last Dance. I wonder if he (she) has realized that when the last Dance. I wonder if he or she accepted that it was when the last Dance. I wonder if he (she) can forget when the last Dance. This piece is Shimomura Mizuki and respect of Satoshi, Fujisawa h., Masayuki niino composed from two four people jointly commissioned by. Percussion part is specified only with several metal instruments, instruments (so-called drum) and the actual instrument selection is left to the player.

-Daiki Kato (English translation by Google)

Annotated by Joanna Chen