Related Rocks (1997)
4 players
Magnus Lindberg
~20 minutes
Related Rocks for two pianos, two percussionists and electronics was commissioned by
Ircam and the Musica Festival, Strasbourg. The work has been included in the
choreography for the Rosas company, Just Before, by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.
Despite the relatively complex procedures used to produce the piece, Lindberg was
keen for the technical apparatus to remain simple during the performance. He uses two
samplers to trigger the sounds he has worked on the studio, which are stored on the
computer. In addition, the two pianists both have synthesizers. The instruments set up
continua, a concept which Lindberg studies in depth in this piece: what internal life can
be distinguished in a sound or texture? How do we move from one situation to another
in time?

Annotated by Rubén Eduardo Bañuelos Preciado