Author: Joe Morello

Title: Master Studies, Exercises for the Development of Control and Technique

Description: Master Studies contains hundreds of snare drum exercises aimed at developing endurance, control, consistency of technique. The book divided the studies into seven groups. The first group is accent studies which contains eighth note and triplet rhythms with various sticking and accent patterns. The second group, buzz roll studies consists of the same patterns found in the first section, but with the addition of buzz rolls of various durations added to the patterns. The third section is stroke combination studies, which combines single, double, and buzz strokes in a variety rhythms and stickings. Control studies is next, with excercizes that focus on endurance, consistency of sound and dynamic control. Then comes Fill-in studies, which focuses on the concept of developing the ability to lead rhythms with both the right and left hands. Ostinato studies provides various ostinato patterns that can be played simultaneously over each other to build independence with both hands. The final section is flam studies, which adds flams to the eighth note and triplet patterns from the first section.

Throughout the book, Morello provides insight into how to go about practicing these studies, their purpose and benefits to your playing, as well as ways to apply the studies to the drumset. The wealth of material makes this a great workbook for players of all levels, and can be applied to all styles of drumming.

Annotated by Chase Bronstein