Composer: Gordon Stout

Title: Four Dances for Marimba

Category: Marimba Solo

Instrumentation: Marimba (5 Octave)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Publisher: Keyboard Percussion Publications


1. A Lullaby Dancing

2. Song

3. Waltz

4. Dance-Finale


Four Dances for Marimba (Keyboard Percussion Publications) were written in 2006-2007 by Gordon Stout and are dedicated to Larissa Venzie. Much can be said about Gordon Stout’s immense importance to the marimba. To be sure, few have contributed as much to both marimba performance and composition. While Four Dances may not be his most difficult work to date they are unquestionably some of his most musical. Written for Vicky Lau, A Lullaby Dancing features open, resonant intervals presented in an almost constant eighth- note pulse. While there is no apparent melodic line, the performer is presented with the challenge of capturing the many expressive moods described in the score. Here, Stout’s unique harmonic language coupled with specific articulation markings guide the performer to do just that.


Program Notes provided by Thomas Burrit from his C.D. Groundlines



Annotated by Dan Pessalano