Rolf Wallin

Stonewave (1990)


6 players, each with five high struck instruments and five or six low struck instruments to be chosen by the performers within loose guidelines.


Also versions for solo and for three players


Three movements, 12 minutes


Starting the few years before Stonewave I had become increasingly involved in some peculiar mathematical formulas called “fractals”. These formulas, used in the fast growing field of “Chaos theory”, are relatively simple, but they generate fascinating and surprisingly “organic” patterns when shown graphically on a computer screen, or played as music.


One should think that such a mathematical approach would lead to sterile and ‘theoretical’ music. The sound world of Stonewave, however, is not one you would associate with math books. The steady, insistent pulse, and the use of sequences put squarely up against each other or divided by long rests suggest an invisible ritual. A ritual for what?

Well then, let it be a ritual for the exorcism of some ‘evil spirits’ which now ride our part of the world [Europe] under the name of Liberalism, making people the servants of the Market Forces instead of vice versa.


Stonewave is therefore an incantation, as it seems that only divine forces can save European culture from a political system that proclaims the Jungle Law as the guiding principle in social and cultural life.

-Rolf Wallin