Composer: Keiko Abe

Title: Frogs

This marimba solo is easily Keiko Abe’s most humorous work. Marked constantly moving thirds, the music seems to always be dancing or hopping, just as the frogs in its title. Though by no means easy or simple, it is one of Abe’s most accessible pieces. “Frogs” is mostly in 4/4 with a triplet base, except for a slower middle section in 2/4. The musical intent is more obvious than many of her compositions, and the technical aspects are less complicated. Also, it will be easier to read for young players than many of Abe’s compositions simply due to the fact that is not covered in 32nd notes. This piece can be a tremendous amount of fun and a good challenge for a younger marimba player that is just beginning to see their skills blossom.

Annotated by Ethan Pani