Please enjoy these original etudes and exercises written by Boston Conservatory students as part of our Percussion Pedagogy class. They are free to download and share.

Original Etudes

Christian Bartholomew: Blink for Timpani

Harold Rivas: Four Etudes for Timpani, Bass Drum, Cymbals, and Triangle

April Ong: Four Etudes for Timpani, Bass Drum, Tambourine, and Triangle

James Koo: Three Etudes: Triple Whammy Sandwich for Cymbals, Takis for Tambourine, and BRRR for Triangle

Margot Takeda: Three Etudes for Cymbals, Tambourine, and Triangle

Gerson De La Rosa: Three Etudes for Snare Drum, Bass Drum, and Triangle

Nathan Holman: Four Etudes: Roll Control for Snare drum, Muting Etude for Glockenspiel, Etude for Big Arms for Cymbals, and Etude for Tambourine

William Shi: Three Etudes for Tambourine, Bass Drum, and Triangle

Xingyue Xue: Three Etudes for Tambourine, Bass Drum, and Triangle

Lindsay Vasko: Flam Jam for Sam No. 1 for Snare Drum

Reed Puleo: Curb Your Etude for Snare Drum

Euphina Yap: A Little Ditty for Timpani

Ruben Eduardo Banuelos Preciado: Study No. 1 for Timpani

Travis Newman: Three Etudes for Triangle, Crash Cymbals, and Tambourine, separate or together

Travis Newman: Etude No. 1 for timpani

Gabriella Mayer: Roll Etude for Snare Drum

Joanna Chen: Extra Sharp Cheese, for timpani

Robert Oldroyd: Etudes for Tambourine, Cymbals, and Triangle

Noah Rosen: 4 Loco for snare drum

Tom Reinman: Four Etudes for timpani, bongos, glockenspiel, and woodblocks.

WanNing Chen: Four Etudes for “3 and 2” (snare drum) plus etudes for cymbals, tambourine, and triangle.

John Stapleton: Four Etudes for snare drum, bass drum, tambourine, and triangle.

Una Cheng: Four Etudes for snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, and triangle.

Mya Pennington: Melodic Snare Tunes Etude No. 1, the Christmas Edition

Taylor AmbrosioWood: Viewer Discretion Advised, for snare drum and tape

Nian Shee Yon: Etude for timpani

Robert McCarthy: Four Etudes, “December Etude” (snare drum), Bass Drum Etude,Triangle Etude, and “Trips to the Carnival” (tambourine)

Christine Augspurger: Three Etudes, “Rolling with Sibelius” (timpani), “What’s Up?” (triangle), and “1001 Nights” (tambourine)

Daniel Pessalano: Four Etudes, for snare drum, triangle, tambourine, and cymbals

Tom Reaves: Gainsborough Etude for timpani

Dani Fortner: Three Etudes, “Plotted Metrics” (BD, Cymbals duet), “Palindrome” (solo tambourine), and “Waltz Blend” (triangle and tambourine duet)

Dani Fortner: “6, 5 and 3” for snare drum

Brandon Ilaw: Three Etudes for Bass Drum, “Tune for Igor,” “Bipolar,” and “Bass. Drum?”

Matt Sharrock: “are we there yet?” for snare, kick drum, and crash cymbals mounted on a hihat stand

Laurent Warnier: Three Etudes: “Where did that come from?”, “cause you’re loud ‘n you’re soft…”, and “Sleepyhead”

Laurent Warnier: 1st Study for Timpani

Nate Tucker: Three Pieces for Snare Drum, “Game of Pairs”

Ivan Wan: Three Etudes for Timpani

Original Exercises

Brandon Ilaw: An Excerise in Moeller, for snare drum

Dani Fortner: Variations on Ted Reed’s “Syncopation”

David Luidens: 3 Snare Drum Exercises

Matt Sharrock: Accented Phone Book, Legato Rolls, and Pianissimo Fulcrum Builder

Tyler Flynt: 3 Snare Exercises

Ivan Wan: 5 Exercises

Jeremy Barnet: Jeremy’s Drum Exercises

Nate Tucker: 5 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Karlyn Mason: Flam-a-doodles, The Oddly Even Triplet, and The Oddly Even Quintuplet

Jonathan Hess: 5 Snare Drum Exercises

Michael Daley: Bailey Inspired