Over the rainbow  (1939)

Harold Arlen(1905-1986)

Arranged by Robert Oetomo (b.1988)

Marimba solo

As one of the most famous songs of all time, Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz is a timeless treasure. In this arrangement for solo marimba, Robert Oetomo combines jazzy harmonies, quasi improvisation, and classical romantic influences to create a rendition that is mysterious, lyrical, and remains as heartwarming as the original.

This arrangement requires a 5-octave (low C) marimba and an advanced degree of sensitivity and technical dexterity. Oetomo’s notation has meticulously spelled out the quasi improvisatory flourishes which leave much room for expressive interpretation and rubato. This piece is sure to be a rewarding musical experience to perform and to witness as a listener.

Description found in https://www.tapspace.com/marimba-xylophone/over-the-rainbow-arlen-solo-version


Annotated by Xingyue Xue