Carno – Suite “For A Marimba With A Mind of Its Own”

Title: Suite “For A Marimba With A Mind of Its Own” (1981)

Composer: Zita Carno (1935)

Instrumentation: 4.3 Marimba



For a Marimba with a Mind of its Own by Zito Carno is a suite for solo marimba written in three movements: Prelude, Sicilienne and Variations, and Toccata. This work has no key signature or tonal center, but it’s not ‘atonal’. In fact, it sounds very akin to Japanese marimba music.

The sheer challenge of reading this highly chromatic music, combined with the technical difficulty of many of the phrases, reserve this piece for university-level students or professionals who are looking for something completely different.

Written by Michael Dooley


Annotated by Xin Yi Chong