Chamber Music

Composer Title # of Percists Total # of Players (if different) Description
Abigana, Brett Modulation 6.1 6   Percussion Ensemble
Adams, John Luther …dust into dust… 4   4 snare drums
Adams, John Luther Quiyan 4   4 bass drums
Adams, John Luther Red Arc/Blue Veil 1 2 piano, percussion, sound files
Albert, Ludwig The Universe 2 orchestra Double marimba concerto with orchestra
Alford, Travis Froschteichmusik 4   percussion ensemble
Anderson, Leroy The Typewriter 5 (solo +4)   Solo typewriter with Perc Ensemble
Andersson, Fredrik The Loneliness of Santa Claus 2   2 marimbas
Andres, Timothy Crashing Through Fences 1 2 piccolo flute, glockenspiel, and 2 kickdrums
Andriessen, Louis  Hoketus 2  13 Two pianos, two Fender Rhodes electric pianos, two sets of panpipes, two saxophones, two electric bass guitars, and two conga players
Andriessen, Louis Hout 1 4 tenor saxophone, marimba, guitar and piano
Andriessen, Louis Life 1 6 Sop. Sax (or clarinet), percussion, Piano, guitar, Cello, Double Bass
Andriessen, Louis Workers Union indeterminate 2 or more any loud sounding ensemble
Andriessen, Louis Zilver 2 7 Flute, Clarinet, Vibraphone, Marimba, Piano, Violin, Cello
Andriessen, Louis Bells for Haarlem 1 to 4 4 vibraphone/glock, piano, keyboard, celesta
Askill, Michael Lemurian Dances 4   Percussion Ensemble
Aperghis, Georges Les Guetteurs de Sons 3   Percussion Ensemble
Bartok, Bela Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion 2 4 2 pianos, 2 percussionists
Beall, Andy Rancho Jubilee 3   3 cajons
Becker, Bob Mudra 5 (solo + 4)   Percussion ensemble
Bergamo, John Piru Bole indeterminate   Percussion Ensemble
Bergamo, John Foreign Objects 6 7 Percussion Ensemble + bass
Bergamo, John Grand Ambulation of the Bb Zombies 5 6 Percussion Ensemble + bass
Berio, Luciano Circles 2 4 Mezzo Soprano, harp, and percussion
Bettison, Oscar Four Drums for Dresden 4   4 drumsets
Beyer, Johanna IV 9   indeterminate instrumentation
Birtwhistle, Harrison For O, For O, the Hobby-Horse is Forgot 6   Percussion Ensemble
Bissell, Paul Equal Fire 6   Percussion ensemble
Boulez, Pierre Sur Incises 3 9 3 pianos, 3 harps, 3 percussion
Boulez, Pierre Le marteau sans maitre 3 7 Contralto and ensemble
Boulez, Pierre Dérive I 1 6 Vibraphone, piano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello
Boulez, Pierre Dérive II 2 11 English Horn, Clarinet, Basson, French Horn, Marimba, Vibraphone, Harp, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello
Brettingham-Smith, Jolyon Doors of Perception 5   Percussion Ensemble
Cage, John First Construction 6 + assistant   Percussion ensemble
Cage, John Second Construction 4 (3+prepared piano)   Percussion ensemble
Cage, John Third Construction 4   Percussion ensemble
Cage, John Living Room Music 4   Percussion Ensemble
Cage, John Amores 4   Percussion Ensemble
Cage, John Imaginary Landscape No. 2 5   Percussion Ensemble
Cage, John Credo In Us     Percussion Ensemble
Cage, John Quartet 4   Percussion Ensemble
Cage, John Trio 3   Percussion Ensemble
Cage, John But what about the noise of crumpling paper which he used to do in order to paint the series of “Papiers froisses” or tearing up paper to make “Papiers dechires?” Arp was stimulated by water (sea, lake, and flowing waters like rivers), forests indeterminate   Percussion Ensemble
Cage/Harrison Double Music 4   Percussion Ensemble
Cangelosi, Casey Plato’s Cave 2   Percussion Duo
Casella, Jim Katraterra 9   Percussion ensemble
Celli, Joseph Snare Drum for Camus 4   snare drum
Chapman, Evan Memory 4   4 desk bells, playback
Chavez, Carlos Toccata 6   Percussion Ensemble
Cirone, Anthony 4/4 for Four 4   Percussion Ensemble
Condon, Owen Clayton Fractalia 4    
Cowell, Henry Ostinato Pianissimo 8   Percussion Ensemble
Cowell, Henry Pulse 6 (5 plus assistant)   Percussion Ensemble
Cowell, Henry Refrain     Percussion Ensemble
Crumb, George Idyll for the Misbegotten 3 4 flute and percussion
Crumb, George Music for a Summer’s Evening, Makrokosmos III 2 4 2 pianos, 2 percussion
Crumb, George Madrigals I-IV 1 5 percussion, flute, harp, bass, soprano
Crumb, George Ancient Voices of Children 3 9 soprano, boy soprano, oboe, mandolin, harp, amplified piano (and toy piano), and percussion
Crumb, George Songs, Drones, and Refrains of Death 2 6 baritone, amplified piano/harpsichord, electric guitar, electric double bass, 2 percussionists
Crumb, George Dream Sequence (Images II) 1 5 Violin, Cello, 2 offstage glass-harmonica players, 1 percussionist
Crumb, George Night of the Four Moons 1 5 1 Alto, 1 Alto-flutist (also playing piccolo), 1 banjo player, 1 electric cellist, 1 percussionist
Crumb, George Mundis Canis (A Dog’s World) 1 2 guitar and percussion
Crumb, George Quest 2 6 Guitar, soprano sax, harp, bass, 2 percussion
Crumb, George Lux Aeterna 2 5 soprano, bass flute/ soprano recorder, sitar, 2 percussion
Dahl, Ingolf Duettino Concertante 1 2 flute and percussion
Daughtrey, Nathan Rock House Creek 2   marimba and vibraphone
Daughtrey, Nathan Strange Dreams 1 1 Marimba and alto sax or clarinet
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms No. 5 5   Percussion Ensemble with tape
de Mey, Thierry Table Music 3   3 tables
Deane, Christopher Vespertine Formations 4   4 marimbas
Denisov, Edison Concerto Piccolo 6 7 saxophone with percussion ensemble
Denisov, Edison Three Pieces for Percussion 3   Percussion Ensemble
Diaz, Javier Sakpata 15   Percussion Ensemble plus vocal/drummer soloist and chorus of percussionists
Dicke, Ian Isla 1 2 vibraphone, flute, electronic processing
Dillon, James East 11th Street 10003 NYC 6   Percussion Ensemble
Donatoni, Franco Darkness 6   Percussion Ensemble
Druckman, Jacob Animus 2 2 4 soprano, harp, 2 percussion
Druckman, Jacob Come Round 1 6 violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion
Dutilleux, Henri Les Citations 1 4 Oboe, Double Bass, Harpsichord, Percussion
Fischer, Jeff Blue Song/ Plastic Dance     Percussion Ensemble with 2 soloists
Firth, Vic Encore in Jazz 7   Percussion Ensemble
Ford, Mark Stubernic 3   one marimba
Ford, Mark Head Talk 5   drum heads
Foss, Lukas Quartet for Percussion 4   Percussion Ensemble
Gauger, Tom Portico 10   Percussion Ensemble
Gauger, Tom Past Midnight 10   Percussion Ensemble
Gauger, Tom Gainsborough 5   Percussion Ensemble
Gendall, Chris Hand to Hand 6   Percussion Ensemble
Ginastera, Alberto Cantata para America Magica op. 27 13 17? Dramatic soprano, two pianos, celesta, percussion
Golijov, Osvaldo Mariel 1 2 cello, marimba
Green, George Hamilton Rags 1 to 6 open Xylophone solo with ensemble
Greenstein, Judd Ill 2 4 2 violins, drumset, marimba
Grisey, Gérard Tempus ex Machina 6   Percussion Ensemble
Grisey, Gérard Stèle pièce 2   Percussion duo
Grisey, Gérard Le Noir de L’Etoile 6   Percussion with tape
Griswold, Erik Strings Attached 6    
Gordon, Michael Timber 6   6 wood simantras
Gubaidulina, Sofia in the beginning there was rhythm 7   timpani solo with percussion ensemble
Harder, Lane Circus Plenus Clamor Ingens Ianuae Tensae 6   6 players, 3 marimbas
Harnsberger, Andy Coming Undone 7   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Song of Queztecoatl 4   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Canticle #1 5   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Canticle #3     Percussion Ensemble with guitar and ocarina
Harrison, Lou Canticle #5 5   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Bomba 5   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra 5 6 Violin solo with Percussion ensemble
Harrison, Lou Concerto for Organ and Percussion Orchestra     Organ, Piano, Celesta, and percussion ensemble
Harrison, Lou Drums of Orpheus     Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Fifth Simfony 4   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Fugue 4   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou In Praise of Johnny Appleseed 3   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Simfony #13 4   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Suite 5   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Labyrinth #3 11   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Waterfront      
Harrison, Lou Before piece to the Medea 4 6 Horn, Soprano, 4 percussionists
Harrison, Lou Ominipotent Chair     Xylophone, drums, bells, zither, bass
Harrison, Lou May Rain 1 3 Voice, prepared piano, tam-tam
Harrison, Lou A Glyph for Katy Litz     prepared piano and percussion
Harrison, Lou Majestic Fanfare 2 5 3 trumpets, snare drum, bass drum
Harrison, Lou Suite for Violin and Gamelan orchestra      
Harrison, Lou Double Fanfare 12   Percussion Ensemble with western and non-western instruments
Harrison, Lou Tributes to Charon 3   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou Music for Remy 1 2 oboe and percussion
Harrison, Lou First Concerto for Flute and Percussion 2 3 Flute and 2 percussion
Harrison, Lou Conquest 1 4 Flute or ocarina or recorder, piano, conch shell, percussion
Harrison, Lou Counterdance in Spring 3   Percussion Ensemble
Harrison, Lou The Perilous Chapel 1 3 cello, percussion, harp
Harrison, Lou Varied Trio 1 3 violin, piano, percussion
Harrison, Lou Clay’s Quintet 1 5 Trumpet, cornet, mandolin, harp, percussion
Harrison, Lou Songs in the Forest 1 4 Flute/piccolo, violin, vibraphone/marimba, piano
Harrison, Lou Rhymes with Silver 1 5 Violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion
Harrison, Lou Suite for 4 Haisho and Percussion 2 7 4 Haisho, 2 percussionists, reader
Herrera, Reynaliz Tres de tres para tres 3   Percussion Ensemble
Higdon, Jennifer On A Wire 1 6 + orchestra Ensemble solo with orchestra
Higdon, Jennifer Splendid Wood 6   6 players, 3 marimbas
Holló, Aurél José / beFore John 5 4   Percussion Ensemble
Humet, Ramon Mantra II 4   Templebowls
Hurel, Philippe Kits 7 8 Percussion Ensemble, electric bass
Husa, Karel Drum Ceremony 5   Percussion Ensemble
Husa, Karel Three Dance Sketches 4 or more   Percussion Ensemble
Ignatowicz, Anna Passacaglia 2   marimba and vibraphone
Jolivet, André Rhapsodie à sept 1 7 Clarinet, Basson, Cornet, Trombone, Percussion, Violon, Double Bass
Jolivet, André Suite in Concert for Flute and Percussion 1 2 Flute and percussion
Jolivet, André Cérémonial (Homage à E.Varèse) 6   Percussion Ensemble
Jolivet, André Heptade 1 2 Trumpet and Percussion
Jolivet, André Petite Suite 1 7 2 Violons, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Piano, Percussion
Jolivet, André Pipeaubec 1 2 Recorder or Flute and small percussion
Jolivet, André Suite delphique 3 12 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, 2 horns, Trumpet, Trombone, Onde Martenot, Harp, Timpani, 2 Percussions
Jolivet, André Une Minute-Trente 1 2 Flute or recorder and percussion
Jones, David P. Legal Highs 1 2 marimba & violin
Kagel, Mauricio Rrrr… 2   Percussion Duo
Kolm, Jonathan Cantogo 4   Percussion Ensemble
Kondo, Jo A Volcano Mouth 3   3 marimbas
Koppel, Anders Toccata 2   marimba, vibraphone
Lampkin, John George Washington Never Slept Here 1 2 piano and percussion
Lane, Peter Busker Fantasy 5 (solo + 4)   Percussion ensemble
Lang, David The So Called Laws of Nature 4   Percussion Ensemble
Lang, David Table of Contents 2   Percussion Duo
Lansky, Paul Threads 4   Percussion Ensemble
Lansky, Paul Textures 2 4 2 pianos, 2 percussionists
Lang, David Cheating Lying Stealing 3 6 bass clarinet, piano, percussion (marimba, snare, kick drum, 2 toms, anvil), 2 antiphonal brake drummers (w/ triangles), violoncello
Lang, David Lend/Lease 1 2 piccolo and tuned woodblocks
Lang, David The So Called Laws of Nature 4   percussion ensemble
Lang, David these broken wings 1 6 Flute, piccolo, clarinet (w/bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, percussion
LaRosa, Christopher Sextet 1 6 pierrot plus percussion
Levitan, Dan Marimba Quartet 4   4 marimbas
Levitan, Dan Conservatory Garden 4   Percussion Ensemble
Levitan, Dan Variations on a Ghanian Theme 3   Percussion Ensemble
Levitan, Dan Inventions 2   Percussion duo
Ligeti, Gyorgy Continuum 2   2 marimbas
Ligeti, Lukas Pattern Transformation 4   2 marimbas
Lindsay, Eric Town’s Gonna Talk 1 6 flute, bass clar, vioiln, cello, piano ,percussion
Little, David T. Speak Softly 4   4 sticks of varying bigness
Little, David T. Shapeshifter 6   Percussion Ensemble
Longshore, Terry Boom 2   bongos, toms, bass drum
Macarez, Frederic Skatalask 4   Snare drum solo with Perc ensemble
MacBride, David Timing 2   Percussion Duo
Mackey, Steve Slide 1 8 flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, electric bass, piano, percussion
Mackey, Steve It is Time 4   Percussion Ensemble
Mackey, Steve Micro Concerto 1 6 Percussion solo, with Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano
Makan, Keeril Gather 3   Percussion ensemble
Manoury, Philippe Last 1 2 bass clar, marimba
Manoury, Philippe Le Livre des Claviers 6   Percussion Ensemble
Manoury, Philippe Duo de Marimbas (from Le Livre des Claviers) 2   2 marimbas
Martincziow, Nikolas Festa per Due 2   drums
Martino, Donald Cannon Ball 1 2 vibraphone, piano
May, William Impromptu 1 2 marimba and clarinet
Messerschmidt, Ted A Movement for a Short Attention Span 1 2 marimba, piano
McCarthy, Dan Raz Draz 1 2 saxophone, marimba
McMullin, David Crossings 4   Percussion Ensemble
de Mey, Theirry Musique de Table 3   3 amplified tables
Miki, Minoru Marimba Spiritual 4 (solo + 3)   marimba solo with percussion ensemble
Moe, Eric down the stream, merrily 2   2 marimbas
Moe, Eric I Have Only One Itching Desire 6   Percussion Ensemble
Moore, Matthew Cohesion 2   Percussion duo
Moran, Robert By Any Other Name 4   4 marimbas
Moran, Robert The Elegant Journey any   Indeterminate
Muhly, Nico Time After Time 2 3 soprano sax, marimba, percussion
Muhly, Nico Ta & Clap 4   Percussion Ensemble
Myers, Aaron Jay Skin 1 2 tenor sax, marimba
Naidoo, Shaun Sentient Weather 5   percussion ensemble
Nishimura, Akira Ektal 5   3 marimbas, drums
Nishimura, Akira Kala 7 (solo + 6)   solo marimba with percussion ensemble
Nitsch, Jason Casual Discussions 1 2 marimba, clarinet, piano
Norgard, Per Echo Zones 2   Percussion duo
Norgard, Per Square and Round 6   Percussion Ensemble
Nozny, Brian Sharps 6   Percussion Ensemble
Ofaly, Alex The Mean Man’s March 5   xylo solo with marimbas
Ohana, Maurice Études chorégraphiques 4 or 6 (different versions)   percussion ensemble
Ohana, Maurice Études d’interprétation n° 11 et 12 1 2 piano and percussion
Ohana, Maurice Miroir de Célestine 1 2 harpichord and percussion
Ohana, Maurice Sibylle 1 2 soprano and percussion with tape
Ohana, Maurice Signes 4 7 Flute, 2 sitars (in third tones and chromatic) (1 player), piano and 4 percussions
Pape, Andy CaDance 2   2 standing drumsets
Pawassar, Rudiger Sculpture in Wood 4   marimba quartet
Pereira, Joe Facing the Mirror 4   Percussion with 4 channel tape
Piazzola, Astor Tango Suite 2   2 marimbas
Psathas, John Djinn 4 4 perc + strings solo mar + 3perc / hp / str
Psathas, John Drum Dances 1 2 piano and percussion
Psathas, John Fragment 1 2 piano and vibraphone
Psathas, John Fragment, arr. Fitzsimons 2   marimba and vibraphone
Psathas, John Happy Tachyons 1 or 2 2 or 3 marimba/vibraphone, piano
Psathas, John Kyoto 4   percussion ensemble
Psathas, John Matre’s Dance 1 2 piano and percussion
Psathas, John Noctures 1 or 2 5 or 6 saxophone quartet and percussion
Psathas, John Overture 4 14 4 percussion and brass
Psathas, John Spike 1 2 marimba/vibraphone and piano
Puts, Kevin And Legions Will Rise 1 3 violin, clarinet, marimba
Reich, Steve Music for Pieces of Wood 5   5 pairs of claves
Reich, Steve Drumming 9 12 or 13 Percussion Ensemble, female voices, piccolo
Reich, Steve Drumming Part 1 4   4 pairs of bongos
Reich, Steve Six Marimbas 6   6 marimbas
Reich, Steve Sextet 6   Percussion, 2 pianos, 2 synthsizers
Reich, Steve Nagoya Marimbas 2   2 marimbas
Reich, Steve Typing Music 7 or 9   Percussion Ensemble
Reich, Steve Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ 8 11 Percussion Ensemble with Electric Organ and three female voices
Reich, Steve Mallet Quartet 4   Percussion Ensemble
Reich, Steve Daniel Variations 6 20 2 Clarinets, 4 Pianos, 2 Violins, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 4 Vocalists (SSTT), 6 percussionists
Reich, Steve Music for 18 Musicians 6 18 or more 4 pianos, 3 marimbas, 2 xylophones, vibraphone, maracas
Reich, Steve Tehillim 6 23 4 Vocalists (hiS, 2 lyrS, A), 1 Flutist (doubling piccolo), 1 English Horn Player, 2 Clarinetists, 1 Oboist, 2 Electric Organists, 2 Violinists, 2 Violists, 2 Cellists, 6 Percussionists
Reich, Steve Double Sextet 2 or 1 12 or 6 Mixed Chamber
Reich, Steve Variations for Vibes, Pianos, and Strings 4 18 2 pianos, 3 string quartets, 4 vibraphones
Remington, Jacob Prelude to Paradise 12   Percussion Ensemble
Riley, Terry In C indeterminate indeterminate Any number of people
Rockmaker, Jody Tieco 4   Percussion Ensemble
Rogers, JF Once Removed 2   2 marimbas
Rojahn, Rudolf Somnambula 1 2 bass clarinet, marimba, and electronics
Rosauro, Ney Toccata and Divertimento 1 2 vibraphone and guitar or marimba
Rouse, Christopher Ku-Ka Ilimoku 4   Percussion Ensemble
Rouse, Christopher Ogoun Badagris 5   Percussion Ensemble
Rouse, Christopher Bonham 8   Percussion Ensemble
Ruders, Poul Regime 3   Percussion Ensemble
Russell, William Three Dance Movements 4   Percussion Ensemble
Rzewski, Frederic Les Mouton de Panurge indeterminate indeterminate Any number of people
Salkind-Pearl, Mischa Everything at Once 2   Percussion duo
Salkind-Pearl, Mischa The Botany of Desire 1 2 Clarinet, vibraphone
Sammut, Eric Zapping Trio 1 3 bass clar, bass, marimba
Sejourne, Emmanuel Sosso-Bala 8   Percussion Ensemble
Sejourne, Emmanuel Venin 2    
Sejourne, Emmanuel Vous avez du Feu? 4   eight lighters
Sejourne, Emmanuel The Martian Tribes 4   marimba and 3 bass drums
Sekhon, Baljinder Colored Windows, Tempered Rooms 8   Percussion Ensemble
Sekhon, Baljinder Refuge 7   Percussion Ensemble
Scelsi, Giacinto I Riti: Ritual March 4   Percussion Ensemble
Schimmel, Carl Serving Size 4 Bunnies 4   Percussion Ensemble
Schimmel, Carl Snood the Poultron 1 or 2 2 Percussion solo with accompaniment (kazoo, turkey gobbler)
Schnittke, Alfred Hymn No. 1 1 3 cello, harp, timpani
Schnittke, Alfred Quartet 4   Percussion Ensemble
Sheil, Geoff Every Instrument in This Room 2   vibraphone, marimba, percussion, and electronics
Simpson, Steve Radioactive Octopus 4   Marimba Quartet
Silverman, Adam Quick Blood 4   Percussion Ensemble
Silverman, Adam Gasoline Rainbow 8   Percussion Ensemble
Silverman, Adam Naked and On Fire 6   Percussion Ensemble
Snider, Sarah Kirkland Thread and Fray 1 3 Bass clar, viola, marimba
Soldiviero, Jared Perception Piece 2   Percussion Duo
Soldiviero, Jared Palindromes 2   Percussion Duo
Solomon, Samuel Quintet for Drums and Cymbals 5   Percussion Ensemble
Solomon, Samuel Five Ensemble Etudes 6 to 16   Percussion Ensemble
Southam, Ann What to do until the power comes back on 3 or more   Indeterminate
Stanley, Jane Midnight Meditation 5   4 marimbas
Stravinsky, Igor L’Histore du Soldat 1 7 cl./bn/cnt./tbn/perc/vn./db (with or without narrator, actors, dancers)
Steiner, Gita Quartet for Percussion 4   Percussion Ensemble
Streber, Ryan Cold Pastoral 4   Percussion Ensemble
Streber, Ryan Two for One 2   2 vibraphones
Stout, Gordon Somewhere in Africa There’s a Whirlwind  2   2 marimbas
Stout, Gordon Laruci In The Sky 2   2 marimbas
Stout, Gordon Skylark Orange Circles 2   2 marimbas
Stout, Gordon Incoming (Pearl Milk Tea) 2   marimba and drumset
Takemitsu, Toru Rain Tree 3   Percussion Ensemble
Takemitsu, Toru Cross Hatch 2   marimba, vibraphone
Takemitsu, Toru Seasons 4 or 2 with tape   Indeterminate
Tenny, James Three Pieces for Drum Quartet 4   Percussion Ensemble
Tenny, James Having Never Written A Note For Percussion solo or ensemble   indeterminate
Thomas, Andrew Three Transformations 2   2 marimbas
Tompkins, Joe Trio 3   Percussion Ensemble
Tosic, Vladimir Fission 2   1 marimba
Tower, Joan Percussion Quartet 4   Percussion Ensemble
Trevino, Ivan Bloom 4   4 marimbas
Trevino, Ivan Into The Air 2   2 marimbas
Trevino, Ivan Catching Shadows 6   Percussion Ensemble
Trevino, Ivan 3 Riffs 1 4 timpani and three cellos
Ueno, Ken …am… 4   Percussion Ensemble
Ueno, Ken Yellow 632 3   talking big birds
Ueno, Ken WATT 1 2 baritone saxophone, percussion
Varese, Edgar Ionisation 13   Percussion Ensemble
Vinao, Alejandro Estudios de Frontera 5   Percussion Ensemble
Vinao, Alejandro Arabesco Infinito 2   Marimba, vibraphone
Vivier, Claude Pulau Dewata indeterminate indeterminate Indeterminate ensemble
Vores, Andy Fabrication 10: Itch 1 2 bass clarinet, marimba
Wallin, Rolf Stonewave 6   Percussion Ensemble
Wahlund, Ben Pegasus 4   Snare solo plus trio
Westlake, Nigel Omphalo Centric Lecture 4   4 marimbas
Westlake, Nigel Kalabash 4   Percussion Ensemble
Westlake, Nigel The Invisible Man 4   Percussion Ensemble
Whibley, Stephen Higuita! 4   1 marimba
Wolfe, Julia Dark Full Ride 4   4 drumsets
Wuorinen, Charles Quartet For Percussion 4   Percussion Ensemble
Wuorinen, Charles Prelude and Fugue 4   Percussion Ensemble
Wuorinen, Charles Divertimento 5   Percussion Ensemble
Wuorinen, Charles Ringing Changes 10 2 Piano 4 hands with Percussion
Wuorinen, Charles Percussion Symphony 22 24 Percussion Ensemble and 2 pianos
Wuorinen, Charles Percussion Duo 1 2 piano and marimba/vibraphone
Wuorinen, Charles Spinoff 1 3 congas, bass, violin
Wuorinen, Charles Grand Union 1 2 cello and drums
Wuorinen, Charles Bassoon Variations 1 3 bassoon, harp, timpani
Wuorinen, Charles New York Notes 1 or 2 6 or 7 violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion
Xenakis, Iannis Okho 3   3 djembes + bass drum
Xenakis, Iannis Pleadies 6   Percussion Ensemble
Xenakis, Iannis Persephassa 6   Percussion Ensemble
Xenakis, Iannis Dmaathan 1 2 oboe and percussion
Xenakis, Iannis Komboi 1 2 harpsichord and percussion
Yim, Jay Alan Jam Karet 2   2 prepared vibraphones
Zappa, Frank Black Page drumset + ensemble indeterminate Drumset solo with ensemble
Zeltsman, Nancy Woodcuts 8 11 Solo Marimba, Percussion ensemble, 3 vocalists
Ziporyn, Evan Melody Competition 6   Percussion Ensemble
Zivkovic, Nebojsa Trio Per Uno 3   Percussion Ensemble
Zivkovic, Nebojsa Uneven Souls 4   Percussion Ensemble