Marimba: Technique Through Music

Mark Ford

Marimba: Technique Through Music by Mark Ford is a collection of 16 etudes that are designed to help the intermediate four-mallet marimbist focus on specific stroke techniques. Students have the best chance for building technique and musicality by working on short selections in a variety of different musical styles. This text guides the student through several etudes that focus on different musical applications of one specific technique. Each section of the book begins with a brief introduction to a specific stroke followed by graduated etudes that utilize that stroke. In this manner, the student will become confident with these basic strokes and their application to musical expression. The guidance of an experienced teacher will be invaluable to the student during the study of these etudes.

Marimba: Technique Through Music now comes with a supplemental DVD! Author Mark Ford discusses specific marimba stroke techniques, practice tips and performs each of the book’s 16 etudes on the DVD. Designed to help the intermediate four-mallet marimbist, this video is a unique educational resource that delivers more than just exercises and etudes. Students can watch detailed explanations of marimba technique to develop their own performing skills.

Annotated by Ivan Wan