Josh Gottry

Title: Toy Box

Category: Multi-Solo

Instrumentation: Small Percussion Accessories

Difficulty: Medium


Toy Box is based on the idea to create a multi-percussion solo utilizing primarily small percussion “toys” and incorporating the programmatic elements of a child playing with the toys in his Toy Box. The piece begins with the opening of the toy box. The child sorts through the toys he has to choose from and selects one. The lid is closed and play begins with the chosen toy. The child quickly tires of that toy and opens the lid again to search for a new one. The new toy is selected, the lid closed, and play resumes with the two chosen toys. Again, the child tires of those two toys, lifts the lid, and removes all of the remaining toys. He experiments a little with the new selections, then quickly resumes his play incorporating all of his toys. At this point, the creativity and variety of how he can play with these toys begins to develop outside the structure and form of the original play. After a little while, the original pattern returns, but with a slight flourish of an ending before tiredness begins to take its toll. The lid opens as the child quickly collects the items back into the toy box before collapsing for an afternoon nap!

-Josh Gottry


Annotated by Mya Pennington