Sofia Gubaidulina

in the beginning there was rhythm (1984)


14 minutes


7 players:


1. timpani soloist (32″, 29″, 23″ and 20″ drums) with woodblock


2. 3. and 4. each with one timpano (32″, 29″, 26″)


5. and 6. share a 4 octave marimba, played while wearing jingles on their wrists, and each have a snare drum


7. glockenspiel and templeblock


Program note:

in the beginning there was rhythm is a solemn work, evocative of prehistoric ritual ceremony.  In this ceremony, pleading speech-song-like melodies are preached by a shaman (the solo timpanist) and answered by his disciples (a congregation of three timpanists, each with one drum). The service mounts, eventually summoning the simmering appearance of their deities (glockenspiel and marimba played with jingles on the players wrists).  Humbled, our leader finishes his sermon with single woodblock, calling one final procession.  –Samuel Solomon