Settle (2012)

Sarah Hennies (1979)

1 Vibraphone

2-3 Percussionists

“ [‘Settle’] brings out electrifying resonances that evoke the early piano music of Charlemagne Palestine or even the lush dogma of Brian Eno and Michael Nyman. Hennies has famously explored the shapely vibrational properties of woodblocks, making them truly sing in a way that few Western percussionist-composers have, so it should be no surprise that the coaxing of metal lamellae, cylinders and sustain pedal would result in a panoply of interlocking and unfolding shapes. These shapes are patently the result of refined action – striking, damping, and measuring intervals – but reducing their behavior to stimulus and response oversimplifies the comely beauty that his instrument produces.”

–Album Note from “Work” by Sarah Hennies


Annotated by Wesley Fowler