José / beFore John 5

Aurel Hollo

4 percussionists

Aurél Holló: member of the Hungarian Amadinda Percussion Quartet: appointed teacher of Béla Bartók Conservatory Budapest. Besides percussion, he graduated in composition as well. Well known percussion soloist.

The composition José / beFore John 5 fuses very different folk music styles into one piece. We can see and hear a Marimba that is played from both sides in a hoketus style, which is very common in the ugandan Amadinda music. We hear an Udu drum from India, a Cajon from Latin America, a spanish guitar played with sticks, burmese gongs, african talking drums and a sudanese reed instrument. Further instruments used are a crow call, devil chasers, a police whistle, tambourines, crotales and castagnettes. Together this influences create a powerfull, rhythmic driven piece of music that tries to show the differences, but also the similarities percussion music form all over the world.

Annotated by Laurent Warnier