Composer’s Name: David Lang

Title of Piece: Lend/Lease

Number of Percussion Players: 1

Total Number of Players: 2

Instrumentation: piccolo & percussion (tuned pieces of wood)

Approximate length: 4 min.


Program Note:

“The United Kingdom was actively engaged in World War II for two years before the United States became involved. During those two years many Americans wanted to help the war effort, but our country was officially neutral. ‘lend/lease’ was a programme created as a dodge round that supposed neutrality.


The USA would funnel arms to the UK forces, technically as weapons purchased on credit but really as gifts, as an advance payment on its eventual entry into the war. When Andrew Burke asked if I would contribute a piece to the London Sinfonietta’s birthday celebration I remembered the history of co-operation beween our two countries, and, in the spirit of international brotherhood, I said yes. Happy Birthday, London Sinfonietta!”

– David Lang


Annotated by Matt Sharrock