Dan Levitan – Marimba Four Hands (2008)

● One 5-octave marimba

Duration: 30 minutes Program Note:

Marimba Four Hands is a cyclical five-movement suite that we
chose as the centerpiece for our concert program. The piece is written for
two players on one marimba, and each movement represents a different aspect of a child’s life – more specifically, Dan Levitan’s children.
Along with this piece, Dan writes many of his other works for his
family. Marimba Four Hands goes on a journey through his greatest moments with his children in the way that other parents also experience with their own children: new experiences in playing, eating, sleeping, and Dreaming.

Each movement has also been named after a nursery tune or a children’s book, giving the listener more insight into the nature of the music. In each movement, these tunes are nestled into the music and dance through the music in a child-like and playful way. The performers are forced to chase after Dan’s melodies through several key changes and
meter changes. This results in exciting, fun, and meaningful music for both the performer and the listener!

-Tyler Tsunekawa

Annotated by Joanna Chen