Timing (for two percussionists)

By David MacBride

Player 1: 4 drums, 4 wood or metal sounds, 2 shakers

Player 2: 4 drums, 4 wood/metal sounds, 1 shaker

“Timing was inspired by the sound of a baby’s heartbeat inside the womb.  Player 1’s part represents the Mother’s body sounds while Player 2 is the child.  Often, the Child’s part is the same as the Mother’s only faster.  Canons and close imitation represent the two person’ shared existence.  The sound of the time could be thought of as the gestation period.”

(Notes by the composer)

This piece requires a timer which plays continuously throughout the piece.  The composer recommends using a darkroom timer visible to the audience, and an audio cassette of a kitchen timer for audio purposes.


Annotated by Robert McCarthy