Composer’s Name: Manoury, Philippe

Title of Piece: Last

Number of Percussion Players: 1

Total Number of Players: 2

Instrumentation: bass clarinet, marimba

Approximate length: 7 min.

Program Note:

“Last, for bass clarinet and marimba was written for Armand Angster and Emmanuel Séjourné. These two instruments, which are about as different as could be, find a common ground around figures and playing styles that answer back and forth, from one instrument to the other. The work begins with a bass clarinet recitative that will be interrupted several times by contrasting elements. This recitative serves as the basis for the whole work and reappears as a recurrent form. The middle section, made up of dots and lines, requires great virtuosity on behalf of the two instrumentalists.”

– Philippe Manoury

Categories: Mixed Ensemble

Annotated by Matt Sharrock