Csaba Marján – Musical Pictures (2013)

Instrumentation: ● Marimba

● Vibraphone Duration: 9 minutes Composer’s Note:

Csaba Marján created his composition relying on typical flamenco elements and Astor Piazzolla’s music. Flamenco is a generic term which refers to the music and dance styles spread by Gypsy people in Andalusia. Its oldest form is the song to which instrumental accompaniment and dance can be attached. Astor Piazzolla’s music is influenced primarily by the Argentinean folk music: the tango, though creating the musical genre called new tango he used jazz and elements of the Italian opera as well.

The compositions consist of three main sections. The first one is a fast 12/8 meter material, based on simple rhythmic elements on the cajon, tambourine and by slapping. After this short introduction one of the players switches to the vibraphone, while the other keeps on playing the cajon maintaining the energetic tone. Later the marimba joins the vibraphone changing the mood of the piece softer and calmer. The middle part is slow and calm, where the tone becomes melancholic and dreamy by the improvisation-like melody above the ostinato accompaniment. In the third section the melodical material from the first part returns, though here the marimba accompanies instead of the cajon.

-Csaba Marján

Annotated by Joanna Chen