Nikolas Martynciow

Title: Festa per Due

Category: Multi-Percussion Duo


1st Movement:

Player 1: high tom, snare drum, low tom, cowbell

Player 2: high tom, low tom

2nd Movement:

Player 1: claves

Player 2: claves

3rd Movement:

Player 1: high tom, snare drum, low tom, woodblock

Player 2: high tom, snare drum, low tom

Difficulty: Advanced

Publisher: Editions Henry Lemoine

(It takes about a month to be delivered to the states because it’s from Paris, France.)


This percussion duet is in three movements, and is suitable for more advanced students. As the rhythmic and technical aspects too often overshadow the purely musical side, the piece should be performed with great brio. Few instruments are needed: four tom-toms, two drums and two pairs of claves. The list is purely for indicative purposes. The choice of instruments is free, as long as the required effects are produced.

-N. Martynciow


Annotated by Mya Pennington