Miura — Otik Trio

Category: Chamber Music

Title: Otik Trio (2004)

Composer: Hiroya Miura (1975)

Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone

3 percussionists



Featuring pitched percussion, the rhythms, textures, and forward motion of the Otik Trio contrast greatly with Miura’s first contribution (if Puncture Me showcases Miura’s introspective side, then Otik Trio occurs behind thinner veils). Dizzying arpeggios, pulsations, and flipping beats are nested between moments of repose, avoiding any sense of predictability. Athleticism is truly tested by this piece. Aside from the impressive display of dexterity required to perform this piece, subtle dynamic gradation are to be fully exposed, saving full-throttle for when it proves to be most effective.

Original description by Jeremy Podgursky
Edited by Xin Yi Chong


Annotated by Xin Yi Chong