Moorman — Solo for a Seated Percussionist

Category: Percussion Solo

Title: Solo for a Seated Percussionist (1982)

Composer: Joyce Solomon Moorman (1946)



Triangle, chime rack, cymbals (high, med, low), sleighbells, hi-hat, wood blocks (high, low), temple blocks (5), snare drum, throne



“My deceased husband was a Juilliard trained percussionist who played both classical and jazz.  The piece requires the percussionist to be seated because he has to play the hi hat with the pedal.  In addition to the hi hat the piece requires temple blocks(5), triangle, chime rack, cymbals(h, m, l), sleigh bells, wood blocks (h, i), snare drum and a drum seat.  I wrote the piece before computers began to be commonly used for music notation.”

Copied from an email conversation with Joyce Solomon Moorman


Annotated by Xin Yi Chong