Sharps (2010) by Brian Nozny

Players: 6

Instrumentation: bongos, congas, timbales, 6 graduated toms, bass drum, 6 different triangles

Duration: 6 minutes

Program Note:

The idea behind Sharps is a very simple one. Can I musically tattoo an audience? Can I write a piece that is so accessible and unwavering, so blatant and incessant in its point that the theme basically brands itself into the minds of the audience? – Brian Nozny

Brian Nozny is currently on the percussion faculty at Troy University in Troy, AL. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech and a Master’s degrees in Composition and Performance from the University of Miami and the University of North Texas respectively, and has recently completed his Doctoral degree in Percussion Performance from the University of Kentucky. – Christine Augspurger