John Psathas


Number of percussion players: 1 or 2

Total number of players: Soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, and percussion (bass drum, suspended cymbal, wind chimes, tom-toms, congas, kick drum)

Approximate time: 10’ 00”


The composer writes: ‘These three nocturnes express some of the many different impressions I have of what “night-music” can be. The first is a strange, unsettled lullaby leading seamlessly into sleep and the unpredictable world of dreams. The second represents night as a time of quiet yet intense and focused energy, while the third piece is more light-hearted and has the feeling of release and recreation that can be experienced at the twilight end of the day.

‘Composing is often a very visual experience for me and when writing these three piece I found myself imagining tropical evenings, warm breezes, fading light, and the sense of the ocean nearby.’


Annotated by Nicholas White