Snare/Drumset/Other Method Books

Composer Title Description Grade (difficulty)
Abel, Alan 20th Century Studies for Percussion Orchestral Excerpts Intermediate – Advanced
Aleo, Keith Advanced Etudes for Snare drum Etudes and Solos Advanced
Alfred Alfred’s Method Books Excercises and basic technique building Beginner
Bailey, Buster Wrist Twisters Excercises and etudes for chop building Intermediate to Advanced
Beck, John Flams, Ruffs, and Rolls Exercises Beginner to Intermediate
Becker, Bob Rudimental Arithmetic Exercises and Etudes Advanced
Carroll, Raynor Orchestral Repertoire for the Snare Drum Orchestral Parts Intermediate to Advanced
Cook, Gary Teaching Percussion Pedagogy for all percussion
Cirone, Anthony Portraits in Rhythm Etudes built around common orchestral excerpts Intermediate to Advanced
Delecluse, Jacques 12 Etudes for Snare Drum Etudes and excercises featuring advanced orchestral figures Advanced
Delecluse, Jacques Caisse-Claire Etudes and excercises Advanced
Delecluse, Jacques Keisklairiana Book 1 and 2 Etudes Advanced
Dowd, Charles A Funky Primer Drumset exercises
Dowd, Charles A Funky Thesaurus Drumset exercises
Firth, Vic Snare Drum Method Technique, etudes, and excercises Beginner to Intermediate
Goldberg, Morris Modern School for Snare Drum Major orchestral excerpts and excercises Beginner to Advanced
Gschwedtner, Hermann Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions Orchestral excerpts Intermediate – Advanced
Hannum, Thom Championship Concepts for Marching Percussion Marching Percussion Intermediate – Advanced
Macarez, Frederic Snare System 20 Etudes Two volume set of Etudes and excerises Advanced
Morello, Joe Master Studies for Snare Drum Control and technique building excercises Beginner to Advanced
Peters, Mitchell Intermediate Snare Drum Studies Etudes and excercises Intermediate
Peters, Mitchell Advanced Snare Drum Studies Etudes
Podemski, Ben Standard Snare Drum Method Excercises and basic musical information Beginner to Intermediate
Pratt, John 14 Modern Contest Solos Rudimental Solos Intermediate to Advanced
Queen, Jeff The Next Level Rudimental Intermediate to Advanced
Reed, Ted Syncopoation Essential Book of Rhythms Beginner to Advanced
Rich, Buddy Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Excercises and jazz applications for rudimental techniques Intermediate to Advanced
Rosa, Jose and Neciosup, Hector The Art of Latin Drumming Latin exercises for Drumset
Scholle, Emil The Roll Exercises
Shinstine, William A Snare Drum Primer Beginning technique and excercises Beginner to Intermediate
Smith, Stuart Saunders (editor) The Nobel Snare (vol. 1-4) Solos by various composers
Solomon, Sam Advanced Rhythm Studies Excercises for building time and feel in advanced meters Beginner to Advanced
Solomon, Sam Varitions on Stick Control Excercises for building Moeller technique, speed, endurance, and control Beginner to Advanced
Solomon, Sam MassChap 2008 Snare Collection Solos Advanced
Stone, George Stick Control Rudimental book of hand building excercises  Beginner to Advanced
Stone, George Accents and Rebounds Excercises to accompany the stick control book Intermediate to Advanced
Tompkins, Joe Ten Style Studies Rudimental Excerises and Etudes Intermediate to Advanced
Tompkins, Joe Nine French-American Rudimental Solos Etudes in rudimental styles Advanced
Whaley, Garwood Primary Handbook for Snare Drum Excercises and basic technique building Intermediate to Advanced
Whaley, Garwood Recital Solos for Snare Drum Solos Intermediate to Advanced
Whaley, Garwood Basic Rhythm, More Basic Rhythm Rhythm Excerises
Wilcoxon, Charley All American Drummer 150 Rudimental Solos Short Rudimental Solos Intermediate to Advanced