Author: George Lawrence Stone

Title: Stick Control for the Snare Drummer

Description: This staple of percussion literature is one of the most versatile and popular books available. Published in 1935, “Stick Control” is a book of exercises designed to provide a percussionist with the technique required to play anything one might encounter in percussion playing. Each page contains multiple exercises, and each exercise is written out in all possible stickings. Through endless permutations, Mr. Stone’s exercises build up the student’s hands until they are ready for anything. “Stick Control” contains sections based around single strokes, double strokes, rolls, flams, and other essential elements of percussion playing. This book is useful for a percussionist with any focus, be it drumset, drum corps, or orchestral. Because all of the exercises in “Stick Control” can be played at any tempo and any dynamic, it is a valuable tool for a percussionist of any age and any level, from beginner to professional.

Categories: Drumset, Method, Snare Drum

Annotated by Ethan Pani