Composer: Nebojsa Zivkovich

Title: Suomineito

Category: Solo

Instrumentation: Vibraphone

Difficulty: Grade 5


SUOMINEITO is Finish, the language of “Suomi” people, as the Fins call themselves and it means “Finish girl” This quiet melancholic composition was inspired by an original folk song from Finland called “Heili Karjalasta”. In Suomi language this means “a friend from Karelia”, a region that in the past used to be part of Finland.

However, the original folk song is in a very fast tempo and in a happy mood, a kind of Finish Polka called “Humpa”. Suomineito is my personal reflection on Finland and on one Suomineito whom I met there during on of my concert tours.



Annotated by Mya Pennington