Nebojsa Zivkovic (b.1962)

Trio per Uno (1995/1990) 

15 minutes

3 Players

Instrumentation: Shared Bass Drum

Player I: Bongos, 2 Gongs, Crotales

Player II: Bongos, 2 Gongs, Vibraphone, Low Tom, High Tom, Snare Drum

Player III: Bongos, 2 Gongs, Low Tom, High Tom, Snare Drum

Program Note: “Three bodies, one soul” inspired the structural and formal principles of Trio Per Uno. Surrounding a shared bass drum, the trio creates an exciting dialogue filled with energy. Beginning with a simple unison rhythm, the movement evolves into a ritualistic groove, which explores dramatic extremes in tempo, texture, and dynamics. Within this framework, the three performers are able to express themselves musically while always remaining one. An accomplished performer and composer, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic is hailed as one of the most unique and expressive percussion artists in the field. A native of Serbia, many of Zivkovic’s compositions are inspired by folk music. -Taylor Ambrosio Wood